About FOB Poke Bar

FOB Poke Bar aims to provide the greater Seattle area with the healthier lifestyle that everybody aims for. Whether it be carb or carb free, protein or protein free, we have it all. We can assure you our ingredients are as FRESH as they can get. Start your Poke bowl off with either daily fresh washed greens or fresh, never left overnight, choices of steamed rice.

Then build the heart of your bowl: the protein! Pick from daily fresh cut salmon and tuna to fresh cold shrimp. Then choose your choice of sauce, from our signature Hawaiian shoyu based FOB Sauce to our homemade Wasabi Aioli. And lastly, choose your toppings, which includes more than 20 choices, ranging from Japanese Edamame to our homemade Zesty Mango. The choices are endless!

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe!

As a Seattle-based company, we care deeply about our local community. We’re happy to have our dining rooms open to customers again while continuing to offer expanded contactless, pickup and delivery options going forward.

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